On site/hello!earth/Tromsø

A site specific performances that focus on creating an experience for the audience.

In a surprising and humorous way the public are offered an altering role of onlooker, participant and test person.

An interactive performance, social experiment, serious research, virtual excursion?

“Sure is that after having seen this performance you will look different upon reality”

The content of the performative travels is “ reality re-mix” with nature as a “dialogue partner”.  Inspired by quantum physics` findings of parallel realities, relativities of time, space and material they invite the participating audience into a travel of reality perception beyond usual mind-patterns.

We work with strategies to let the performance arise in the mind of the audience. To do so we use a mix of visual art, performing means, sensory experience, kinaesthetic experience, audiotapes and interactive principles.

Furthermore we use the daily reality of the site as “ theatre setting” and the coincidences, which interweave with intended actions.”

Mind-sets and reality get juggled around and will hopefully create confusion, revealing the absurdity of the “normal” as only one possible convention. It leads to the open question of how reality is created and what reality is?