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“I am listening” is an event to focus on the universal force of listening and the power of silence.

To make the invisible act of listening visible in public space.

An event to make people connect and experience a reconstruction of basic social encounter.

 The events:

The listeners wear a t-shirt with the text “I am listening”. They stand, sit or lay still for 12 minutes at a time, and listen… Nothing else… Simply listen.

The listeners can be seen as aesthetic silent islands in the city landscape,

and at the same time they can influence their surroundings by committing to the act of unconditional attention.

Depending on the choice of location the happenings give space for different meanings and associations. The final interpretation is left to the passer-by.

The intention is to give universal and essential simplicity of listening a possibility to unfold in every person that perceives or interacts with it.

Take part and join the movement.

T H E    L I S T E N E R S    M A N U A L

1.                 Produce a white T-shirt with the text:  I AM LISTENING

2.                Take place at a public place – alone, or in a groupe

3.                Put on your T-shirt

4.                Be contious of your soroundings

5.                Be silent and listen –for 12 minutes

6.                Take of your T-shirt

 When you have been listening, write down a thought, a word or a sentense on a flags and place it in the flagpark.

 Happy listening.

“I am listening” was an UDflugt project in cooperation with City of Words- Vesterbro, a project for neighborhood development and art in non-art spaces with local participation (www.cityofwords.dk). People could produce their own ” I am listening ” T shirt on the spot and were invited to join.